Truss Structure

Size: 7 x 11.5m x 7m H

High Tenacity Technical Polyester,
suitable for Outdoor installations.
UV and water resistant
6 leveled
① flat top layer for jumping with 8holes;
② labyrinth (middle layer) with partition walls and crochet columns
③ pockets (exits/entrances)
safety net 6-40 mm Polyester Knotless, 4 m (H)
Recommendations for usage in one cycle:70 persons,Max 180

Product Intoduction

We take pride in the fact that the Crochet Playground is not only a play system but also a beautiful piece of art. Our handmade crochet technique adds a unique and charming touch to each product, making it a perfect fit for any environment, from natural playgrounds to urban landscapes.
It is made of high-quality materials, such as polyester ropes and steel frames, which ensure the safety and durability of the product.


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