Truss structure

High Tenacity Technical Polyester,
suitable for Outdoor installations.
UV and water resistant
3 leveled

  • 1 flat top layer for jumping with 8holes;
  • 1 labyrinth (middle layer) with partition walls and crochet columns
  • 8pockets (exits/entrances)

safety net 6-40 mm Polyester Knotless, 2 m (H)
Recommendations for usage in one cycle:90 persons,Max 200

Product Intoduction

  • Crochet playgrounds, knitted playgrounds, rainbow net, or simply colorful playground installations
    are various names for the same thing: a playground structure or installation made from crocheted or
    knitted materials.
  • These playgrounds have become increasingly popular due to their striking visual
    appeal, which draws in visitors of all ages. In addition, these are available in different sizes and
    shapes to create a custom crochet space with different challenge levels and stimulations for
  • Those looking for a knitted playground with easy installation can consult Crochet
    Playground Co. Ltd, a leading crochet nets and accessories supplier, at a reasonable price.



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