TreeTop Net Trampoline

The tree trampoline is an adventure facility for teenagers and adults woven with rope nets in the jungle. The entire project is suspended in the air in the dense forest. A series of jumping, balancing, and courage-challenging activities are carried out. The project adopts a new structural form and modeling design, emphasizing the integration with the on-site terrain conditions and vegetation. Including climbing tunnels, rope net trampolines, rope net basketball courts, tunnels, rope net bridges and other net pocket spaces.

Product Intoduction

The tree trampoline series products mainly use tree trunks as the main construction site for amusement projects, and use outdoor-specific knotless rope nets to create an aerial bouncing amusement project in mid-air in the forest.

Currently, it is a new trend in our unpowered amusement equipment products. The show, various scenic spots, camps and other tourist destinations are in even greater demand for novel projects. The jungle magic net can be in solid color or colorful. The shape and color of the magic net can be customized according to the available tree trunks in the forest at the site. , it can also be combined with different experience projects such as jungle adventures and jungle tree houses to create a comprehensive aerial adventure park.

The Jungle Magic Network can be developed for people of all ages. Whether it is individual travelers or groups, you can find a suitable one on it. Your own way of experiencing it, without wearing safety equipment, further ensures that the project’s reception capacity is not limited by the number of equipment. Some people describe it appropriately as an aerial trampoline in the forest. The Jungle Magic Network requires the trunk diameter to be more than 35cm.

Short-distance self-driving tours on weekends and holidays have become a part of people’s daily lives. In order to adapt to the needs of tourists, various scenic spots are constantly improving their recreational facilities and adding some experiential leisure projects that can attract tourists and showcase the characteristics of the scenic spots. Unpowered recreational facilities It has become the favorite object of most scenic spots.

Log amusement facilities such as Jungle Adventure and Jungle Magic Network have begun to enter major scenic spots, and have also become experiential amusement projects popular among tourists. Many scenic spots have woods, grasslands, and mountains, so more and more jungle adventures, jungle climbing, jungle tree houses, and Magic Network Park have entered the sights of tourists.

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