Trampoline Net

High Tenacity Technical Polyester,
suitable for Outdoor installations.
UV and water resistant
3 leveled cartoon structure +
Trampoline Football+ adventure passage + 2layers knotless bottom net
All around safety net protection
Recommendations for usage in one cycle:100 persons, Max 300

Product Intoduction

This is a creative children’s play facility that breaks the conventional children’s play equipment model. This is a children’s amusement facility that abandons low-level entertainment, childish entertainment, and conventional entertainment. Integrating the essence of internationally popular outdoor sports, experiential training, Boy Scout education, quality education, psychological and behavioral training, safety education, and physical training.

This is a children’s paradise that combines happy games with quality education. It is a comprehensive training ground to promote the comprehensive development of physical, intellectual and emotional intelligence of young children. The main audience for this project is: Anyone aged 2 and above can participate. Mainly focused on children’s parent-child tours.

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