Steel tube structure

Size: 6*16m*4m
High Tenacity Technical Polyester,
suitable for Outdoor and Indoor installations.
UV and water resistant
3 leveled
① flat top layer with 2 holes through to cage and down
② labyrinth (middle layer) with partition walls and crochet columns
③ pockets (exits/entrances)
safety net 6-40 mm Polyester Knotless, 2 m (H)
Recommendations for usage in one cycle:48 persons,Max 300

Product Intoduction

  • Crochet playground project with dual functions of amusement and education with unique value;
  • It is a new type of children’s amusement project handmade;
  • With the theme of sports, adventure, challenge, experience and growth, the project is safe;
  • It is the best training ground for enhancing children’s thinking ability, coordination reaction ability and social ability;
  • Designing: Get ready for your special;
  • Pattern Making: Tedious, I know, but necessary and worth it.

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