Steel tube structure

High Tenacity Technical Polyester,
suitable for Outdoor and Indoor installations.
UV and water resistant
3 leveled
① 1 flat top layer for jumping with 2 holes
② 1 labyrinth (middle layer) with partition walls and crochet columns
③ 4 pockets (exits/entrances)
safety net 6-40 mm Polyester Knotless, 2 m (H)

Recommendations for usage in one cycle:35 persons,Max 150

Product Intoduction

As you may know, rope climbing is a great exercise for children that helps them develop their coordination, balance, and overall strength. What’s more, it is a great way to expend energy, which can lead to better sleep, healthy weight gain, and even cognitive development. By promoting blood circulation and growth of muscles and bones, rope climbing is a great way for children to stay fit and healthy.

Our crochet net takes rope climbing to the next level by offering a comprehensive workout that engages the whole body, improving sensory and spatial awareness, and promoting coordination. It is an ideal way to build your child’s physical and mental capabilities, while also providing an exciting and challenging experience.

In addition, rope climbing is a great way to prevent sensory issues in growing children. It promotes balance and tactile development, while also enhancing fine motor skills and brain development.

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