Net Trampoline

19 meters long, 9.8 meters wide, 2.95 meters high

The product design uses blue ocean as the theme color. It is required to add ant nests, undulating waves, rainbow nets, and ocean hanging ball elements to embellish it. It has a double-layer space for playing and an all-round safety net to make the fun more exciting. This product can be used outdoors. The raw material is resistant to sun and rain, making it an attractive government attraction.

Product Intoduction

The bungee net is a high-strength machine-made polyester knotless net. It can be one color or a rainbow color. It is 8 mm thick and has 5 meshes inside. It is safe and strong. The flat net is double-layered and more secure, making it easy to experience outdoor fun. In short, it is a novel amusement ride with various designs.


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